About Me

Coming from Buffalo, New York, I didn’t always know that I wanted to be an engineer. While I had grown up building different things and having an interest in electronics and puzzle solving, I did not want to pursue a degree in engineering. Though my parents always suggested it as a major, my rebellious side caused me to go against what they wanted me to do and pursue a degree in business. However, I had a change of heart during Christmas vacation of freshman year. There is an ornament that hangs on our Christmas tree back from when my sister and I were children. When you press the button on the ornament, a message from my sister and I plays wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. While I was home, the ornament stopped working. Despite replacing the batteries, the ornament would not work. My mom was devastated, but I was determined to try and fix it. After opening it up and messing around with the circuitry and reconnecting a few components, the ornament worked again. After that, I decided that electrical engineering was the place for me to be, and I have stuck with it ever since.

Engineering has become an extremely important facet of my life, and I love every day I am working and learning new lessons in my field. However, apart from engineering, I possess a lot of interpersonal skills and an ability to work and communicate with a wide variety of people. I feel that this is a skill that sets me apart from many other engineers, and I hope that this electronic portfolio can serve to demonstrate that.