Cover Letter

Dear Prospective Employer,

I am honored to be considered for a position at your company. I am an Electrical and Computer Engineering major at Northeastern, and I am very excited to gain more professional experience and knowledge of how the engineering world interacts with the interdisciplinary world around it.

My engineering expertise and also my interdisciplinary background will help me to succeed at your company in helping to bridge the gap between engineers, management, and human resources. I have gained many experiences as an engineering student that will help me to be successful, but one of the strengths that set me apart from other potential candidates is my interdisciplinary experience. I have worked with many people across different educational backgrounds and am prepared to effectively continue to work in an interdisciplinary team at your company.

Over the past semester, I worked within an interdisciplinary team to create a campaign for one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Standards. By targeting sweatshops in China, my team was able to make an effective case against the use of such factories and instead, we crafted a plan to replace sweatshops with smart automated factories. Despite our different majors, we were all able to work together to create a persuasive argument against the use of such factories. As an engineer, I worked to do research on the technology and potential implementation of smart factories. We worked in an interdisciplinary setting to create a well rounded argument that addressed financing the factories, their effects on the people of China, and the technology needed to successfully implement them. I also have group experience across a variety of engineering backgrounds. In the past, I have worked with different engineers to design projects such as a backyard game and a new scanning device that could be implemented throughout grocery stores in order to allow people in wheelchairs to shop with ease. The group work I have completed throughout both engineering and across an interdisciplinary setting will help for me to work with both engineers and other employees throughout your company.

In addition to this project, I have also worked to express my own ideas and knowledge to an interdisciplinary audience through a case study focused around Elon Musk. One of the main lessons I took away from this project was how to talk to and address an interdisciplinary audience, rather than just a group of engineers. I had to work on both tone and terminology, and make sure to focus on the important points of my argument rather than get lost in technical jargon. This case study was extremely valuable in my process of learning effectively address a wider audience. I will use this experience in the future when I have to communicate with a variety of different people through writing.

I believe that my interdisciplinary experience makes me an extraordinary candidate for an interdisciplinary management position at your company, and I really hope to be given an opportunity to express my skills in this realm. Apart from the engineering skills shown on my resume, I also am able to work well with a variety of people. It is extremely important for engineers to be able to address and work with many different audiences rather than just other engineers, and I hope to do just that. I appreciate your consideration for this role and am excited to begin my future as an engineer for your company.


Dan Bartels